Maybe someday you will organize a special event, or a private celebration, or why not a concert?…

Why not hire a gypsy jazz band?





is a gypsy swing band or « swing manouche" band .

(Transat means "deckchair") 

Why hire a gypsy jazz band?

There are three reasons for it.


1 Because it’s jazz and jazz brings a special atmosphere.


Jazz is built on 3 principles.

The swing: a very tonic syncopated rhythm; the improvisation on a well known tune: the group push the soloist to express his creativity and the search for a personal sound and a band sound as well.


So, jazz is a very creative music style. A jazz performance is living art, it is the musical art of the present. Every jazz concert is a challenge since the purpose is individual and collective improvisation.That involves high reactivity musicians, great skills and strong complicity between them.The result is a very attentive audience: it is fascinated by what’s going on.


2.Because it’s swing and the swing is not only a rhythm but also a retro lifestyle that is very popular. 


Firstly, the swing is a syncopated tonic rhythm which reminds us of an important part of black American music.

Secondly, the swing is also a glorious period of jazz history that starts in the thirties with the successful big bands of Duke Ellington and others.

For us , Belgian and French people, this style reached its peak during the second world war. Young people used to say « I’m swing, we are swing » : it was a way to claim more liberty and to escape of those hard days of the nazi occupation .The swing meant freedom, moreover, it was American liberators music. For instance, my parents used to dance on it, while listening to 78 rpm discs. It was very popular. So, maybe, the swing is rooted in our collective unconscious…. And today there is a successful revival of this retro style. 


3.Because it’s gypsy

This kind of jazz is attractive for at least 3 reasons.


1.The inventor of this kind of jazz  is DJANGO REINHARD. He was a Gypsy and kept his gypsy soul all his life long. He’s one of the best jazz guitarists ever. He mixed the gypsy style with the jazz. So his music offers an exotic side that is highly appealing to young people very opened to world music. 


2.He invented a style of swing which promotes strings instruments often neglected in jazz. Because of their low sound. That was one of his great ideas. Django has proved that you can play jazz with an acoustic guitar and that guitar could play the first role. (Acoustic means unplugged, because at that time, there wasn’t any amplifier). He strongly contributed to the extreme popularity of this instrument through the 20th century among young people. Everybody has a guitar hidden in a corner and is dreaming becoming a guitar hero like him. Django is the first guitar hero!


3.Contrary to modern jazz which is often complicated and boring, the gypsy swing is a tonic, entertaining and easily accessible jazz. 



Why hire Transat Swing? 

What are its comparative advantages related to other gypsy swing groups?

1. We are cheap and cheerful!

No need for a big budget we are cheap and cheerful ! We are scalable: from 3 to 5 musicians: we adapt our size to your budget. What’s more: no need for any sound system engineer because we take our amplifiers if necessary. Therefore Transat Swing offers you a very competitive price!


2. It’s really good music!

The gypsy swing has been invented by Django Reinhardt, a gypsy. He was one of the most important jazz guitar player. We offer a repertoire including firstly the best compositions of Django with our original arrangements and secondly we offer some of our original compositions. On the other hand the musicians are excellent soloists: this must be emphasized (because in jazz improvisation is very important). What’s more, we are used to talking with our audience, explaining anecdotes about Django’s funny life…


3 . We are suitable.

No need for  a lot of space: 5m2 are enough for the quartet. Furthermore, we are best suitable for small and medium-sized rooms  (but we can play in a football stadium….:-)

Shortly speaking : we are adaptable to any location. In addition to that, we can offer you a conference-concert with slide show (for schools, …)


4. Last but not least: a caravan is available for special decor if necessary! …We can also wear our fake moustache, to look like real gypsies…;-)


5. We are reliable.

We have already successfully played with excellent feed backs in most of the cultural centers of the region, for various film festivals and last but not least , in 2010 we’ve been chosen to play for the birthday celebration of DJANGO REINHARDT at  the international Liberchies festival dedicated to him (where he was born). So we can send you a complete list of our former partners. So we are reliable, you can trust us.


and …..keep swinging! 


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